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Hy-Tech Property Services, Inc. - Paving Division

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The paving division grew out of requests from property managers seeking help with repairs to parking lots. After years of reasonable growth, this division facilitated our ability to serve our clients whether they need a residential driveway or a major highway. The division manager is available for consultation on any surface.

A nicely paved area is a visual asset and aesthetically appealing. It also increases the value of a property or home and is less expensive than concreting a large area. A properly paved area is also much safer for visitors than other surfaces. Paving is low-maintenance and can last for years when sealed on a routine schedule of every 3-5 years, depending on the year's climate.



Resurfacing a paved area means applying another layer to the existing asphalt. This is a cost-effective way to have cracks repaired and refresh the look of asphalt.

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Pot Hole Repairs

Pot holes occur when moisture gets through a crack of asphalt. When it gets cold, the water in the crack freezes and the crack gets larger. The wear and tear of traffic creates further damage in the weak asphalt. In addition to being unsightly, pot holes are a trip hazard and place the property owner in a vulnerable legal situation in the event of a trip and fall. Secondly, if they aren't fixed while they are manageable, they will require more drastic steps for repair, which would be more costly.

Hy-Tech Property Services, Inc., uses both hot and cold patch, two different applications. Our experts can best suggest which repair is recommended for each situation.

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Hy-Tech Property Services' expert striping technician has been with the company for more than five years and is the best we've seen. Bright, clean lines make your parking lot attractive and because we stripe according to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements, you will be compliant with current laws.

Our new layout and re-striping services include: Parking spaces, fire lanes, No Parking areas, curb painting, stencils (including handicap parking), pedestrian crossings, stop bars, speed bumps, speed limits, and any other striping that may be required by your facility or property.

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Hy-Tech Property Services, Inc., can seal asphalt, concrete, and aggregate surfaces. It is important to protect the investment of your parking area, and seal coating is the easiest, most cost-effective way to do so. When sealed properly and routinely, the life of your parking area can be doubled. Asphalt takes a lot of abuse from oil stains, gas stains, snow, ice, chemicals (such as those used for snow and ice removal), sun, and even water. The gray appearance seen on older asphalt is caused by oxidation, which is a natural process over time. Oxidation is unsightly, but most importantly, if it isn't sealed, it becomes brittle and will break apart. Avoid an expensive replacement cost and contact Hy-Tech Property Services for your seal coating needs.

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Sign Placement / Replacement

Hy-Tech Property Services can order and install any signage you require installed on your property. The most common signage involves handicap parking and no parking signs. However, we can also provide signs such as:

  • Additional Parking in Rear
  • Do Not Block
  • Emergency Parking
  • Employees Parking Only
  • Fire Lane / No Parking / Tow Away Zone
  • No Idle Zone
  • Not Responsible for Theft
  • Parking for ____ Only
  • Reserved Parking
  • Reserved Parking for Expectant Mothers
  • Reserved Parking for Parents with Small Children
  • Resident Parking Only
  • School Bus Stop
  • Speed Bump Ahead
  • Student Parking
  • Tow Away Zone
  • Valet Parking
  • Visitor Parking

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Speed Bump Installation or Replacement

Hy-Tech Property Services, as part of our paving division, can install new speed bumps or repair existing speed bumps. Speed bumps encourage drivers to slow down and be aware of possible pedestrians. Hy-Tech can also paint the speed bumps for easier visibility.

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Concrete Repairs

Information on this section is coming soon, please Contact Us for more details on the service.

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Flat Concrete Pours

Information on this section is coming soon, please Contact Us for more details on the service.

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Crack Filling

Crack fill is a process that Hy-Tech Property Services uses in asphalt and concrete when a crack is less than 3/4" deep. This process is a cost-effective method of repairing surfaces before the damage requires replacement or resurfacing.

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Bumper Block Replacement and Re-Pinning

Bumper blocks are helpful in a parking lot to keep cars from pulling up too far or too close to signage. As cars pull too closely to the blocks, they can become damaged and unpinned. Bumper blocks can be made of rubberized plastic or of concrete. Hy-Tech Property Services, can install either type and re-pin both as needed.

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Hy-Tech Property Services - Richmond, VA - Paving Services Hy-Tech Property Services - Richmond, VA - Paving Services Hy-Tech Property Services - Richmond, VA - Paving Services Hy-Tech Property Services - Richmond, VA - Paving Services Hy-Tech Property Services - Richmond, VA - Paving Services

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