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Hy-Tech Property Services, Inc. - Landscaping Division

Our Landscaping Division Redefines "Beautification"

The landscaping division compliments our other divisions in the exterior maintenance options available to our customers. We provide high quality landscape services to a wide range of clients. Our goal is to be the landscape company of choice through the development of professional and dedicated landscape design, installation, and maintenance programs tailored to meet individual needs. Recognizing and reacting to customers' needs, we implemented 24-hour emergency irrigation service.



You typically only get one opportunity at a first impression. With commercial properties, however, the opportunity for a first impression occurs every time a customer visits the property. Keeping all turf areas mowed and trimmed neatly is a must. During growing season, Hy-Tech Property Services mows the grass on a regular weekly basis. All areas not cut by the mower are line trimmed to keep your property appealing to the eye.

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Trees and shrubs are quite an investment, especially if you have a mid-sized to large property. To keep them healthy and looking their best, Hy-Tech Property Services' skilled professionals prune ornamentals to maintain their intended shape and neat appearance throughout the year. Liriope, crape myrtles, ornamental grasses, and perennials are cut back once a year, during the winter months.

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Weed Control

We are all familiar with weed control and what can happen if we skip over this routine care of turf, mulched beds, and even hard surfaces. Hy-Tech Property Services employs a full-time applicator, licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, who applies chemicals in accordance with local and federal regulations. Mulched beds get hand-weeded and then treated with a selective herbicide. When it comes to weeds sprouting through asphalt or concrete, you never want to pull the weed, as the roots will cause damage to the surface, which will require repair. It's best to apply the weed killer and let it do its work.

Soil temperature of turf areas can cause the recommended dates of application to vary, however, throughout spring, Hy-Tech's professionals apply pre-emergent crabgrass control and two applications of broadleaf weed control.

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Mulch adds such a rich quality to a property and is essential to the health of trees and plant beds. Prior to mulching, Hy-Tech Property Services' Landscaping Technicians hard edge all tree rings and beds prior to mulching. We apply only top-quality, double-shredded hardwood mulch at a depth of at least two inches. If requested by the owner or property manager, mulch build-up will be removed prior to mulching.

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Seasonal Flower Maintenance

Flowers began changing the way the world looked almost as soon as they appeared on Earth about 130 million years ago. They are a fairly inexpensive way to dress up any property. Hy-Tech Property Services installs seasonal color once in the spring and once in the fall. We typically choose pansies for fall installation so they will live throughout winter. Irrigation is strongly recommended throughout spring and summer to keep the plants alive and healthy throughout the season.

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Landscaping Design

Hy-Tech Property Services offers landscaping design to our customers. Our professionals can visit your property and, using a plat, suggest the perfect material and location to make your property a step above your neighbors' and competitors'.

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Aeration / Seeding

Aeration is an important component to growing your turf areas. Aeration is necessary because the earth under the lawn becomes compacted, which causes problems with water drainage and nutrient absorption. Hy-Tech Property Services aerates once a year in the fall to green up the grass and make the turf healthier.

Re-seeding grassy areas in the fall helps restore the worn-out look it may have after a long, hot summer. Thin areas may appear and weeds may be attempting to take over. Re-seeding will fill in your grass and have the turf looking green and lush in the spring.

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Leaf Removal

Leaves become unsightly after a short period of time, however, appearance is not the only consideration. Wet leaves are a hazard to pedestrians and can cause a slip and fall. Hy-Tech Property Services removes leaves from turf, shrubs, mulched beds, and parking lot areas. Due to the time and magnitude of this operation, this will usually be scheduled on a bi-weekly basis until the bulk of the leaves are removed.

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Stump and Brush Removal

We are all becoming too familiar with the damage tropical storms, hurricanes, and even strong thunderstorms can cause. Hy-Tech Property Services can help prevent property damage by removing stumps and brush that could threaten the property.

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Landscaping Gallery

Hy-Tech Property Services - Richmond, VA - Landscaping Services Hy-Tech Property Services - Richmond, VA - Landscaping Services Hy-Tech Property Services - Richmond, VA - Landscaping Services Hy-Tech Property Services - Richmond, VA - Landscaping Services

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